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Gen. Instruction :Read and analyze the question to choose the best answer. In case you find no correct answer choose option E.
1. If I ______known her before, I would have hired her as my personal adviser.A. Had✅B. HaveC. CouldD. Will
2. What particular skill a student exemplifies if he/she used the word "dad" instead of using "father" ?A. PhonologyB. Semantics ✅C. MorphologyD. Syntax
3. Only 70% of the total number of students ____able to pass the comprehensive exam last year.A. AreB. WasC. Were✅D. Is
4. A number of endangered species living underwater ____now extinct because of illegal hunting and dynamite fishing.A. We'reB. IsC. WasD. Are✅
5. Your sister isn't supporting you, ____?A. Is she✅B. Isn't sheC. Is heD. Isn't he
6. What pitch level must be used to end a sentence ?A. 1✅B. 2C. 3D. 4
7. This refers to the different emphasis on words.A. Stress✅B. JunctureC. PitchD. Intonation
8. "He was like a snake in the night", what figure of speech is present ?A. Personification B. Simile✅C. MetaphorD. Apostrophe
9. "One thousand hands made the pyramids of Egypt." What figure of speech was used in the given statement ?A. MetonymyB. Synecdoche ✅C. OnomatopoeiaD. Metaphor
10. "The wind kisses my cheeks." What figure of speech is used in this statement ?A. MetaphorB. Personification ✅C. SimileD. Hyperbole
11. Who is the author of this poem " The Road not Taken " ?A. Rudyard KiplingB. Oscar WildeC. Robert Frost✅D. Walt Whitman
12. In Nick Joaquin's short story "May Day Eve", what is the technique used by the author in developing the plot ?A. FlashbackB. Stream of Consciousness C. Telescoping✅D. Foreshadowing
13. This period is considered as the Golden Age of the Filipino Language.A. American RegimeB. Spanish RegimeC. Japanese Regime✅D. Greek Regime
14. The Philippines is considered as an ____nation.A. ESL✅B. English SpeakingC. EFLD. Foreign Sounding
15. Which does not belong ?A. Assumption✅B. SummaryC. SynthesisD. Generalization
16. The laborers are so happy that ____now reaping the fruit of ____ efforts.A. They're - their✅B. They're -thereC. There-theirD. Their-their
17. She is riding ___a plane.A. AtB. InC. IntoD. On✅
18. This tense connotes actions that are happening at present time, meaning right now.A. Past tenseB. Present tenseC. Present perfectD. Progressive Tense✅
19. In developmental reading, this pertains to the familiarity of the students toward the sound of the language .A. SemanticsB. SyntaxC. PhonologyD. Phonemic awareness ✅
20. English Sonnet : ShakespeareItalian Sonnet : ????????????A. Petrarch ✅B. DanteC. BoccacioD. Alighieri
21. In reading, IRI means :A. Informal Reading InterventionB. Informal Reading Inventory ✅C. Informal Reading InnovationD. Informal Reading Integration
22. The suspect was spared because all he said were all WHITE LIES. The capitalized phrase means :A. Lies recited are illogicalB. Lies that bare harmless✅C. Lies are type writtenD. The lies are made in public
23. 12.5% of 30 is what number ?A. 3.5B. 3.57C. 3.75✅D. 4.5
24. A salesman gets 12% commission for the first P15,000 and 10% for the amount over P15,000 of his total sales. How much does he get for a total sales of P30,600?A. P3,400B. P3,340C. P3,360✅D. P3, 460
25. Joy buys 3apples for P50. How much does she pay for a dozen of these apples ?A. ...