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PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION TEACHING PROF., SOC. DIM., EDUC., FS. PRAC . TEACHING 1 1. TEACHING PROFESSION, SOCIAL DIMENSIONS OF EDUCATION, FIELD STUDY, PRACTICE TEACHING 20% COMPETENCIES personal and professional development 2% 1.2 Describe the roles and responsibilities of the teacher in the local and global community 2% 1.3 Analyze the historical, economic, socio - cultural, geographical, environmental, political and socio - psychological factors that influence the school as an agent of change and the teacher as a facilitator of learning 5% 1.4 Interpret educational problems in the light of philosophical and legal foundations of education 5% 1.5 Apply the four pillars of learning learni ng to know, learning to do, learning to live together, learning to be in responding to the aspirations of the learner and the community 3% relationship with other people 3% 2 LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) professional development. 1. For quality professional development, teachers must consider the NCBTS, which are the established standards for good teaching in the Philippines. What is meant by the acronym NCBTS? A. National Competency - Based Teacher Standards B. National Competency - Based Teaching Standards C. National Competency Basic Teacher Standards D. National Competency Basic Teaching Standards 2. You are very much interested in quality professional development program for teachers. What characteristic should you loo k for? A. Depends on the availability of funds B. Prescribed by top educational leaders C. D. Required for renewal of professional license 3. standa rd from one that does not? Quality professional development helps teachers to __________. A. get promoted B. get intrinsically motivated to grow continuously C. earn MA units for ranking purposes D. put themselves far above their students 4. and professional development for teachers? A. The teacher is able to teach his/her students. B. The teacher learns from his/her students. C. It is continuing. D. Personal and professional development calls 5. measure must be implemented? I. A school head plans the professional development of his/her teachers. II. Every teacher formulates his/her own professional development plan. III. The implementation of what is learned in training must be monitored. A. I and III C. I only B. II only D. II and III PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION TEACHING PROF., SOC. DIM., EDUC., FS. PRAC . TEACHING 3 6. Societal change requires continually deep - these did Socra tes recognize as the greatest of the human virtues? A. Moral wisdom C. Courage B. Fair justice D. Piety 7. Which competencies are expected of BEEd and BSEd graduates? I. Higher level literacy and critical thinking II. Principled understanding of the learning proc esses III. Assuming the responsibility to sustain professional growth IV. Acting as an agent of change A. II and IV C. I, II, III, IV B. I, II, III D. I and III 8. Which of the following is BEST implied by quality and relevant teacher development initiatives? A. Lifelong learning B. Focus on the non - performers C. Capacity building of educational community D. Mentoring of experts who ...