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152 LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 4. ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING, FIELD STUDY, PRACTICE TEACHING 25% COMPETENCIES 4.1 Apply principles in constructing traditional and alternative/authentic forms of highly quality assessment 10% 4.2 Interpret assessment results 7% 4.3 Utilize processed data performance to improve teaching and learning 3% 4.4 Demonstrate skills in the use of techniques and tools is assessing affective learning 3% 2% 4.1 Apply principles in constructing traditional and alternative/authentic forms of highly quality assessment 1. Teacher G does NOT wait for the end of the term to find out how much the students learn. With which does Teacher G agree? A. Formative evaluation C. Summative evaluation B. Authentic evaluation D. Norm - reference evaluation 2. Even in the process of teaching, Teacher J finds out if her students understand what she is teaching. What is Teacher J engaged in? A. Summative evaluation C. Formative evaluation B. Criterion - reference eva luation D. Norm - reference evaluation 3. To what extent were the objectives of the course met? This is the concern of the process of ___________ evaluation. A. authentic C. norm - referenced B. criterion - referenced D. formative 4. Other than finding out how well the course objectives were met, Teacher K also wants to Teacher K interested to do? A. Authentic evaluation C. Criterion - referenced evaluation B. Formative evaluation D. Norm - referenced evaluation 5. Which is a valid assessment tool if you want to find out how well your students can speak extemporaneously? A. Performance test in extemporaneous speaking B. Written quiz on how to deliver extemporaneous speech C. Display of speeches de livered D. Writing speeches P ROFESSIONAL EDUCATION ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING , FS, PRAC . TEACHING 153 6. Which must go with self - assessment for it to be effective? A. External monitor B. Consensus of evaluation results from teacher and student C. Scoring rubric D. Public display of results of self - evaluation 7. Which must be present for self - evaluation to succeed? A. Consensus between teacher and student regarding evaluation results B. - evaluation results C. - evaluation process D. 8. After a lesson on the atom, t he students were asked to work on a physical model of the atom to determine learning. What MI is being enhanced? A. Linguistic C. Mathematical B. Interpersonal D. Kinesthetical 9. Teachers are encouraged to make use of authentic assessment. Which goes with a uthentic assessment? A. Unrealistic performances B. De - contextualized drills C. Real world application of lessons learned D. Answering high multiple choice test items 10. Which will be the most authentic assessment tool for an instructional objective on working with and relating to people? A. Conducting mock election B. Home visitation C. Organizing a community project D. Writing articles on working and relating to people 11. A. Portfolio assessment C. Interview of pupils B. Scoring rubric D. Self - assessment 12. How much of the scientific method has your pupils acquired? ...