Current Events And General Information
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Select the best the best answer for each and write the appropriate letter in the blank.____1. The only Filipino Silver Medalist winner in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics is ____.
Ramonito Velasco
Manuel Velasco Jr.
Mansueto Velasco Jr.
____2. The volcano that erupted in 1991 which caused vast damage in Central Luzon is ____.
Mt. MayonKanlaonTaal Volcano
Mt. Pinatubo
____3. The first woman president in the Philippines.Amelita Ramos
Corazon C. Aquino
Imelda R. Marcos
Miriam D. Santiago
____4. Peace Pact between the Philippine Government and the Moro National Liberation Front was signed on _____.
September 1, 1996
September 2, 1996
September 3, 1996
September 4, 1996
____5. The chairman of the MNLF is ______.
Jose Maria SisonNur MisuariFr. Luis JalandoniFr. Balweg6. In September 1996, Nur Misuari became the _____ of ARMM through an election.
7. EVAT is an acronym for
Expanded Value Added Tax
Extended Value Added Tax
Exempted Value Added Tax
Evaluated Value Added Tax
8. The VAT was implemented by the BIR under the term of
Luis SisonImelda Marcos
Liwayway Vinson ChatoCorazon Aquino
9. Philippine national bird is
10. SPCPD is an acronym for
Southern Philippines Coalition for Peace and Development
Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development
Southern Philippines Committee for Peace and Development
Southern Philippines Christian Peace and Development
11. C-5 was completed under the term of
President Corazon Aquino
President Ferdinand Marcos
President Fidel V. Ramos
President Diosdado Macapagal12. One of the biggest achievements of President Corazon Aquino in her term of office was
aborting of coup de tat
the restoration of democracy
economic boom
13. APEC is the acronym for
Asia - Pacific Economic Council
Asia - Pacific Economic Corporation
Association of Philippine Economic Cooperation
Association of Philippine Economic Council
14. The host country in the 1996 APEC meeting.
15. The nun from Calcutta, who is regarded by many as the Living Saint for her devotion to the world's destitute is
Mother Cecilia
Mother Teresa
Mother Mary
Mother Ignacia16. The Iraqi President who ordered the attack of Kuwait.
Saddam Hussein
King FahadKing Hussein
Minister Syed Hamid Albar17. The centennial year for the Philippine Independence will be celebrated in the year
18. EDSA Revolution happened on
February 22-25, 1986
February 22-25, 1985
February 22-25, 1987
February 22-25, 1988
19. The elected Russian president in 1996.
20. The groups of islands being claimed by China, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia is
Celebes Island
Babuyan Islands
Spratly Islands
Batanes Islands
21. The Philippine archipelago is composed of
8000 islands
7, 107 islands
24, 000 islands
5, 000 islands
22. The Philippines is composed of three main groups of  islands, namely
Luzon - Visayas - Mindanao
Luzon - Batanes - Sulu
Mindanao - Batanes - Mindoro
Visayas - Mindanao - Pulilio23. The provinces under ARMM are
Bukidnon - Tawi-tawi - Zamboanga - Misamis Oriental
Lanao del Sur - Maguindanao - Sulu - Tawi-tawiZamboanga del Sur - Lanao del Sur - CotabatoBasilan - Sarangani - Sulu - Tawi-tawi24. Our national hero is
Andres BonifacioGen. Emilio Aguinaldo
Dr. Jose P. Rizal
Pres. Manuel L. Quezon
25. The Philippines proclaimed its independence on
July 4, 1946
June 19, 1946
June 12, 1896
July 1, 1950
26. Jose Rizal was executed by firing squad on
December 25, 1896
December 30, 1896
November 30, 1900
January 1, 1900
27. Before the execution, Jose Rizal was imprisoned at
Fort BonifacioFort del PilarFort Santiago
Fort Magsaysay
28. On August 23, 1896, the Philippine revolution started at Pugad Lawin and was led by
Gen. Aguinaldo
Gen. Luna
Gen. BonifacioJoze Rizal
29. The Philippine flag was first made by
Agoncillo30. The three stars in our flag represent
Visayas - Mindanao - Sulu
Luzon - Visayas - Mindanao
Palawan - Cavite - BulacanMindoro - Palawan - Sulu