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LET MODULAR REVIEW 2013 - 2014 ENGLISH 1 - A Choose the best answer for each item. 1. More than one friendly whale has nudged a boat with such _________ that passengers have been knocked overboard. a. enthusiasm b. animosity c. lethargy d. serenity 2. Readers were so bored with the verbose and redundant style of the Victorian novelists that they welcomed the change to the _________ style of Hemingway. a. prolix b. consistent c. florid d. terse 3. Fossils may be set in stone, but their interpretation is not; a new find may necessitate the __________ of a traditional theory. a. assertion b. revision c. formulation d. validation 4. The linguistic _____________ of the refugee children is reflected in their readiness to adopt the language of their homeland. a. conservatism b. inadequacy c. adaptability d. philosophy 5. Lucille is too much ___________ in her writings: she writes a page when a sentence should suffice. a. pleasant b. lucid c. verbose d. efficient 6. It is remarkable that a man so in the public eye, so highly praised and imitated, can retain his _______________. a. idiosyncrasies b. dogmas c. humility d. magniloquence 7. Breaking with established artistic and social conventions, Picasso was _________ genius whose heterodox works infuriated the traditionalists of his day. a. a venerated b. a trite c. an iconoclastic d. an uncontroversial 8. A tapeworm is an example of a __________ organism, one that lives within or on another creature, deriving some or all of its nutriment from its host. LET MODULAR REVIEW 2013 - 2014 ENGLISH 1 - A a. a protozoan b. a parasitic c. an exemplary d. an autonomous 9. The mob lost confidence of him because he never ___________ the grandiose promises he had made. a. tired of b. renegade on c. delivered on d. retreated from 10. Emily Elizabeth Dickinson,received little honor in her lifetime but her poetic legacy has gained considerable fame _______________. a. anonymously b. posthumously c. prematurely d. previously 11. Unlike the highly ________ Romantic poets of the previous century, Rudyard Kipling and his fellow Victorian poets were _______ and interested in moralizing. a. emotional . . . didactic b. sensitive . . . strange c. dramatic . . . warped d. rhapsodic . . . lyrical 12. Ana is an interesting ________, an infinitely shy person who, in apparent contradiction, possesses an enormously intuitive ________ for understanding people. a. phenomenon . . . disinclination b. caricature . . . talent c. paradox . . . gift d. aberration . . . disdain 13. Truculent in defending their rights of sovereignty under the Articles of the Confederation, the newly formed states __________ constantly. a. apologized b. squabbled c. digressed d. acquiesced 14. No real life hero of ancient or modern days can surpass James Bond with his nonchalant _______ of death and the _________ with which he bears torture. a. veneration . . . guile b. concept . . . terror c. disregard . . . fortitude ...