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DR. CARL E. BALITA REVIEW CENTER TEL. NO. 735-4098/7350740 - 1 - LITERATURE Derived from the Latin word meaning LETTER. experiences blended into one harmonious expression. thoughts, dreams and aspirations communicated in beautiful language. TYPES OF LITERATURE: 1. POETRY a. Lyric expresses emotions and feelings of the poet. This is usually easy to understand and short literatures. Sonnet 14 line poem dealing with emotions, feelings or ideas Elegy Poem for the dead Psalms Songs praising God and containing a philosophy of life Awit Florante at Laura This is sung and is realistic 12 syllables per line Corrido Ibong Adarna Recited and with elements of fantasy Composed of 8 syllables Folksongs (Awiting bayan) Short poems intended to be sung Love, despair, grief, doubt, joy, hope and sorrow are common themes Ode Poem of a noble feeling, expressed with dignity on a certain object b. Narrative Tales Stories about supernatural being Ballad Short poems adapted for singing, simple plot and metrical structure Epic Biag ni Lam - Ang (Ilokos) Ybalon (Bicol) Bidasari (Mindanao) Hudhud at Alim (Igorot) Beowulf (England) Iliad and Odyssey (Greece) Extended narrative about heroic exploits often und er supernatural control c. Dramatic Comedy Comedy Derived from the Greek word which means festivity or revelry. Its purpose is for amusement or happy ending. Force An exaggerated comedy which seeks to arouse mirth by laughable lines. Situations a re too ridiculous to be true Melodrama Arouses immediate and intense emotion and is usually sad but a happy ending is set for the principal character. Tragedy (Ex: Hamlet) Involves the hero who struggles mighty against dynamic forces until he meets death . 2. PROSE Legends Fictions, narratives which are usually about origins Anecdotes imagination and the main is to bring out lessons to the reader Short story A narration involving one or Proverbs 17:22 " A merry heart does English ( Literature ) DR. CARL E. BALITA REVIEW CENTER TEL. NO. 735-4098/7350740 - 2 - more characters in one plot and one singl e impression. Essay Expresses the viewpoint or opinion of the writer about a particular problem or event. Biography Deals with the life of a person which maybe about himself or that of others Novel Long narration divided into chapters. The events are t aken from true to life stories and spans a long period of time Plays Presented on stage divided into acts and each act has many scenes Fables Stories about animals and inanimate things that speak and act like people and their purpose is to enlighten the minds of children to events that can mold their ways and attitudes. FICTION a prose imaginative composition which may or may not be based on history or fact. Types of Fiction: 1. Short story relatively brief prose fictional composition based on a single main incident which is designed to produce a single dominant impression 2. Novel a prose fictional work of considerable length that deals with a series of complications involving characters in a particular setting 3. Drama ...