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DR. CARL E. BALITA REVIEW CENTER TEL. NO. 735-4098/7350740 - 1 - VERBAL ANALOGY Verbal analogy - ability. This type of questions would usually ask you to identify the relationship existing between the given two words and you must find a pair of words with a similar relationship. There are generally two formats for thes e type of questions namely: SINGLE-WORD In this format, you are given a pair of words followed by another word. You are then presented with choices where you must pick the best related to the third word parallel to the relationship of the second word to the first word. In the single-word approach, express the relationship between the first two words; substitute the third word for the first, and think of an appropriate substitute for the second word. Example: Dog: Bark::Pig:_________ a. Neigh b. purr c. grunt d. quack Answer: C (animal: sound made) PAIRED In this format, you are only given a pair of words and you must pick among the pair of words in the options that has a similar relationship with the given pair of words. Like in the single-word approach, you have to: (1) look for the special relationship of the given pair; and then, (2) find a pair that exactly or most closely matches the original pair. This principle of parallelism must be observed. Example: Cow: milk::_______:________ a. Dog: Pup b. Chicken: Egg c. Stallion: Mare Answer: B (animal: product) a. Read and understand the analogy as a sentence. Narra: tree :: Bangus: __________ Read: Narra is to tree as Bangus is to? b. Establish the relationship Narra: tree :: Bangus: __________ Analyze: Narra is a type of tree while Bangus is Answer: FISH 3. Do not reverse the order Make sure that the words in each pair are in the same order the order in which those words appear in the question. COMMON VERBAL RELATIONSHIPS Synonym-Antonym Rich: Poor Classification/ Characteristic/ Category Hammer: Tool Dirty: Garbage Parts-Whole/ Specific-General Fur: Bear Wheel: Car Sequence Caterpillar: Butterfly Wriggler: Mosquito Cause-Effect Studying: Excelling Flood: Typhoon Complement Spoon: Fork Function, Purpose Shovel: Dig Tool/ Instrument: Uses: Object of action Stethoscope: Doctor Rolling pin: Dough Composition Wood: Table Glass: Silica Degree of difference Car: Truck Intensity, Quantity, Amount Pond: Ocean Measure Meter: Length Shape, Color, Smell, etc. Ball: Round Position/ Location Quezon City: Metro Manila Worker: Product Engineer: Building Worker: Action Nurse: Cares Worker: Tool Hammer: Carpenter Proverbs 3: 6 Him, and He will make your ENGLISH VOCABULARY TIPS IN ANSWERING VERBAL ANALOGY DR. CARL E. BALITA REVIEW CENTER TEL. NO. 735-4098/7350740 - 2 - Action: Significance Bow: Respect Symbolism Dove: Peace Grammatical/ Verbal She: hers :: he: his Work: wrought :: fight: fought Sex Mare: Horse GENERAL TIPS: 1. Read, read and read! 2. Always have a thesaurus with you. It never hurts to look up any unfamiliar word. 3. Memorize at least 5-10 words from the list above each day. 4. Practice using each word in a sentence. 5. If there ...