PROFED Test 1-175
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PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION: 1. In the Education Act of 1982, which is NOT a teacher's right? a. Free legal service for cases connected with professional duties b. Filing anonymous complain against superiors c. Free expression of opinion and suggestions d. Joining labor organizations promoting teachers' welfare 2. Which pillar of learning is aimed at the holistic development of man and complete fulfilment? a. Learning to be b. Learning to live together c. Learning to do d. Learning to know 3. International educators propose a definition of the term global competence. What is the MOST appropriate characteristic of a globally competent individual? a. Having the professional competence to speak a foreign language b. Ability to become familiar with a new culture and work environment c. Having the intercultural facility of effective two-way communication d. Having an open mind while actively seeking to understand norms and work effectively outside one's environment. 4. The Philippine Educational system was established on January 21, 1901 through Education Act of 1901. With the issuance of the act, President McKinley instructed the Philippine Commission to have English as the common language the people. The main reason for the one-language policy is to _____. a. Promote English as a language. b. Propagate the use of English as the language if the American occupying the Philippines during the time. c. Acknowledge that English is the language of business, science and technology and the technology and higher education. d. Unify the regions since a great number of language were spoke throughout the country. 5. A father used to tell her daughter "You are a woman. You are meant for the home and so for you, going to school is not necessary." Is the father correct? a. It depends on the place where the daughter and father live. b. No, there is no such thing as gender inequality in education. c. Yes, because women are meant to be mothers. d. No, today there are a lot of women who do the job of men. 6. The specialization required of every professional teacher for him/her to be competent is in line with which pillar of learning? a. Learning to live together b. Learning to know c. Learning to do d. Learning to be 7. In line with the strengthening of ethical and spiritual values, religious instruction shall take place in the public schools with the following conditions EXCEPT one. Which is the exception? a. It is optional. b. The instructors must be designated or approved by the religious authorities of the religion to which children/wards belong. c. Parents/guardians express their desire in writing that their children/wards be taught religion in school. d. The government shoulders the expense for such teaching. 8. Which test item is in the highest level of Bloom's taxonomy of objectives? a. Explain how trees receive nutrients. b. Explain how a tree functions in relation to the ecosystem. c. Rate three different methods of controlling tree growth. d. Write a paragraph that observes coherence unity and variety 9. ...