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PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION MULT IPLE CHOICE 1. Y ou are very muc h int erest ed in a qualit y professional development program for t eac hers. What c harac t erist ic should you look for? a. Presc ribe by t op educ at ional t eac hers b. Dependent on t he availabilit y of funds c. Required for renewal of professional lic ense d. 2. following measures must be imple ment ed? I. A sc hool head plans t he professional development of his/her t eac hers. II. Every t eac her formulat es his/her own professional development plan III. T he implement at ion of what is learned in a t raining must be monit ored. a. I only II and III b. I and III d. II only 3. As a c ommunit y leader, whic h of t he following should a t eac her NOT do? a. Support effort of t he c ommunit y t o improve t heir st at us in life. b. Make herself aloof t o ensure t hat her decisions will not be influenc ed by t he c ommunit y polit ic s. c. Solic it donat ion from philant hropist s in t he c ommunit y. d. Play an ac t ive part in t he ac t ivit ies of t he c ommunit y. 4. In a highly pluralist ic soc iet y, what t ype of learning environment is t he responsibilit y of t he t eac her? I. Safe II. Gender-biased III. Sec ure a. I and II c . II only b. I, II and III d. I and III 5. c ult ural and educ at ional herit age of t he nat ion and is under obligat ion? a. Use int erac t ive t eac hing st rat egies. b. Use t he lat est educ at ional t ec hnology. c. Observe cont inuing professional educ at ion d. As a c lass, st udy t he life of Filipino heroes. 6. Whic h ac t ions show t hat polit ic al fac t ors affec t sc hools as agent s of c hange? I. T he st rengt hening of t he t eac hing of English in Philippine s sc hool. II. T he int roduc t ion of mandat ed subjec t s suc h as Rizal in t he c urric ulum III. T he prac t ic e of mainst reaming IV. T he t urnover of day c are c ent ers for DSWD t o DepEd for supervision. a. I and III c . II and III b. I and II d. II and IV 7. For more effic ient and effec t ive management of sc hool as agent s of c hange, one proposal is for t he DepEd t o c lust er remot e st and-alone sc hools under one ...