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St. Louis Review Center, Inc. Eneelsus Bldg. Gen. Luna St., Davao City Tel. no. (082) 224-2515 or 222-8732 ED-TECH POST TEST 1. Which of the following statements is correct about the domains of educational technology? A. Design is the production stage while development is the planning stage. B. Both the design and development are the planning stage, C. Evaluation is synonymous with implementation. D. Utilization is the action phase. 2. Ms. Cruz was hired in a well-equipped school but she has to start preparing her instructional materials before classes begin. Which of the following is a systematic process in preparing her materials? A. design utilization evaluation - development B. design development utilization evaluation C. development design utilization evaluation D. development utilization evaluation design 3. Ms. Briones is planning to integrate technology in her Mathematics class. Which of the following would be her second step? A. set the objectives B. analyze the learners C. utilize the materials with showmanship D. evaluate the performance of the students 4. Which of the following should Ms. Gomez primarily consider in determining her teaching and learning objectives and use of instructional media? A. the learner C. the instructional activity B. the teacher D. the instructional strategy 5. Which is the best reason why teachers state the objectives before using instructional media? A. To be able to practice how to operate the equipment. B. To determine which media to use best. C. To prepare the materials beforehand. D. To secure available materials. 6. Ms. Villegas is thinking of an educational technology that can relay information clearly to her class. Which principle will guide her in the selection of the material? A. interest C. cost effectiveness B. meaningfulness D . communication effectiveness 7. Mrs. Zinampan presented real samples of rocks when she discussed the different forms of rocks. What principle in the selection of instructional material did she apply? A. interest C. cost effective B. B authenticity D . responsiveness 8. Which of the following is a limitation of conventional technologies in teaching and learning? A. They pose problems on storage.. B. They are less abstract and more concrete. C. They are readily available in the environment, around school, and in the home. D. They provide hands-on learning experiences and emphasize real-world E. applications 9. which of the following is not a contribution of technology to the learning process? . A. The quality of learning can be improved B. The delivery of instructions can be more interesting C. The role of the teacher can be changed into a demonstrator. D. The method of teaching and learning becomes more interactive 10. In what way can instructional aids foster learning? A. Reinforce learning B. Entertain students C. Take the place of the teacher D. Holds students in the classroom 11. With the pervasiveness of technologies nowadays, a learner-centered instruction can be promoted. Which of the following statements support this approach to teaching? I. It focuses on transformation of facts. II. It supports the use of lecture and ...